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Monday, November 21, 2011

Yale Paleo Knowledge Bowl 2011

Hello all. I have some very exciting news, which also has to do with myself being MIA. My team of 2 other dino-savvy 4-6th graders and I have been studying for the annual Paleo Knowledge Bowl hosted at the Peabody Museum up in New Haven. My team was Based at the Wilton Public Library, under the teaching of Mr. Darrell Fennel, and his daughter, Katherine. The bowl was a series of questions, quite like a spelling bee, minus spelling. It started with a written exam, followed by 2 rounds where we spoke out our nswers. It all lead up to the final round, which we got into, and we won the entire bowl, beating another team by a mere 1 point. It felt really good, and I would like to personally thank the news blogs WestportNow, Patch, TheDailyWestport, and Dan Woog from 06880 for sharing this story. Anyway, we won some pretty cool stuff like...

This Shirt and Trophy (Cast Parasaurolophus Skull)

A Mosasaur (Giant Marine Reptile) Tooth

2 Ammonites (Nautilis-like Creature)

1 Trilobite (Arthropod)

A 1 year family membership

And best of all, a behind the scenes tour of the collections.

Pictures coming soon.

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