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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monarch Quiz

After you read the Monarch article, here is a quiz based on what I wrote. Send the answers in a comment with the question numer and letter aswer. Thank!
Monarch Quiz                     
#1. How do you tell a male Monarch from a female?
A. Scent patches on the Hind Wings
B. Larger antennas
C. Shorter legs
D. Wing color
#2. Where do Monarchs go in the winter?
A.  Florida
B. Mexico and Baja California
C. Arizona
D. Texas
#3. What do Monarch caterpillars eat?
A. Daisies
B. Roses
C. Milkweed
D. Sunflowers
#4. What do Monarchs drink through?
A. Straw
B. Trunk
C. Proboscis
D. None of the above
#5. Name 1 thing that eats Monarchs

#6. How can you help?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Newly Discovered Species 2011:

Scientific Name:                  English Name:    Animal type:   Found:                                Picture:
A blue, red, and transparent crayfishBarbicambarus simmonsi- none                       Crayfish             Shoal River, Tennessee

A one-clawed theropod.

Linhenykus monodactylus- none                      Dinosaur           Northeastern China

  Pink meanie picture: Drymonema jellyfish from the Florida Keys
Drymonema larsoni- Pink meanie                   Jellyfish                 Gulf of Mexico

New Eodromaeus (''dawn runner'') fossil dinosaur neck and head (picture).

Eodromaeus- none                      Dinosaur                 Argentina

The vampire flying frog.

Rhacophorus vampyrus- none  Frog Vietnam                                            

A new species of pseudoscorpion.Cryptogreagris steinmanni- none   Pseudoscorpion Colorado 

The skull of Titanoceratops.

Titanoceratops-none     Dinosar New Mexico