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Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Post of the year

If you noticed the new picture at the top of this blog, and have read my past few posts, you guessed it!
Mr. Muncher, my Male Black Swallowtail, hatched in early December. As i lay on my bed, i heard what sounded like paper crinkling above my head. I looked up at his cage hanging on my ceiling, and saw him breaking out of his brown chrysalis. He should have overwintered in his chrysalis, bu, being inside, he must have thought that spring had came early. That picture came from his first flight, indoors of course, where he circled the tree several times before landing on it. Simply amazing, considering that he stayed inside our house for the few cold days without power during a past storm. He seems to be laying what looks like eggs on the side of his mesh cage, but they are obviously unfertilized. I feed him a paper towel in a dish soaked with sugar water, and the occasion orange slice, which he seems to ignore. I carried him to our grandparent's house over vacation, not wanting to leave him alone. I have been inspired by this little creature and am ordering more for the spring, along with Monarchs and Tiger Swallowtails. You can too, just visit Info on swallowtails and monarchs, just go to or All right readers. This has been a great year for Westport Wildlife, and I look forward to sharing the plans of the future wildlife garden at my home, in our THIRD year of blogging. I hope you had a wonderful year and that luck continues throughout 2012!
-Charlie Colasurdo

A Few Cool New Species to Close out the year...

Matilda's horned viper

World's Smallest Frogs
 African dwarf sawshark
Cyclops Shark

Mind-Control Fungus

Paleo Prizes

As promised, I have great pctures of the fossils won at the Paleo Bowl-

Amnonite Pair
Mosasaur Tooth